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The Pinstripe Alley 2016 Yankees offseason plan suggestion box

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Hello and welcome to the Yankees offseason plan where you're in control. Pinstripe Alley has decided to copy our friends at Lookout Landing and DRaysBay in creating a crowdsourced offseason plan for the 2016 New York Yankees. We are the Brian Cashman collective and we will create a new 40-man roster one suggestion at a time.

Look, creating an Offseason Plan is hard. There are trillions of possibilities, endless iterations, so much that it's difficult to know where to start...

That's why we're asking you to give us some ideas. Or, specifically, one single idea. Just a move that you think the [team] should make. It doesn't have to be the biggest move, or the smartest move. You could sign a free agent, compose a hypothetical trade, release someone for no reason - it's up to you. That's what makes these plans so great and terrible: the limitlessness.

But only make one move. If you make more than one, we'll end up swimming in moves and it'll be no better than starting from scratch. We'll take your answers, compile them, compare them, use them as a starting-off point for our own discussion, perhaps ridicule them privately. It'll be great. Thanks in advance, and look forward to our full-fledged Offseason Plan coming to your internet soon.

Please be as specific as possible. When making a trade, talk about who's getting traded to both teams. When signing contracts, give us dollars and years. Thanks.

How this will work is I have created a suggestion box where you will be able to suggest one transaction the Yankees should make this offseason. You will only be able to make one suggestion, so make sure it counts. If you make a trade suggestion, please give realistic names. If you sign someone, please give realistic contract terms. You can also designate for assignment, non-tender, and release any player(s) you so choose.

If you don't follow the rules, your suggestion won't be used.

In a few days, this exercise will end and I will put together a series of moves from your suggestions that will make up the PSA Yankees offseason. (Here is a link to the form in case it doesn't show up here).

Here is a link to this year's free agents and the Yankees' payroll obligations. Good luck and have fun!