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The weirdest Yankees gifts for the 2015 holiday season

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OK, we all ate turkey and now it's time to shop. Actually, wait no, don't shop yet. If you're looking to get someone a Yankees-themed gift this year, you have to look at this list first. You can then decide to buy something off this list or go on your own and find something that might actually be cool. I would advise the latter, but I'm not you. Let's take a look together.

Yankees Flag

Do you have a flag-touting relative who already has a flagpole and is prepared to fly the Yankees flag just under (above???) the American flag? The best part is that if the 2016 season is anything like 2013, they'll have everything they need to convey their feelings to their neighbors:

Marvel Comics Yankees Shirt

Can Anyone explain the existence of this shirt to me? Matt Ferenchick came up with a likely scenario for how this shirt happened:

"Hey, we got some misprints that accidentally put the Yankees logo on some Marvel shirts, what should we do with them?"

"Put them on the website and charge people $40 for them"

There's a whole line of Yankees-Marvel crossover shirts on the MLB store, so get your child a new wardrobe.

Alex Rodriguez Ugly Sweater

Wait, this is actually kind of cool. What is this doing on here? Oh right, it's a $50 sweater with an A-Rod pun. No actually that's still pretty cool.

Yankees Plush Figures

These are perfect if you have a young child or just hate your kids. They included your favorite Yankees like "Jacob Ellsbury" and "Post-Retirement Derek Jeter"

The Worst Yankees Caps in the World

Remember when we counted down the crappiest Yankees hats in human existence? Now it's time to put that list to good use. Evergreen content is great for blogs!

Scooter the Holy Cow Foam Head

Get one for every member of the family. Please. If you take pictures wearing them and send them to me I will post them on the internet and we will all know you are cool.

Quills Plush

Quills needs no explanation.

Terrifying Forest Face


Buy this for your crazy aunt who lives in the woods, eats trespassers, and is made of cats.


NOOOOOOOOOOOPE. (Even the URL for this listing is in Caps Lock.)

Bird is the Word Pinstripe Alley Shirt

This doesn't actually belong on this list. This is a serious shirt. Buy our PSA Greg Bird shirt.

/shameless self promotion

Also, for that person that is so damn hard to shop for because they have such disparate interests and might be from, like, Connecticut or something. Good luck though, because I have no idea where that came from.

Anyone else have a good idea? Tell us here so we can copy you.