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Turkey Day Open Thread: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Pinstripe Alley.

Thanks, A-Rod
Thanks, A-Rod
Al Bello/Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving, Pinstripe Alley. This is your Turkey Day Open Thread for the day. Your Pinstripe Alley writers shall be enjoying their feasts, their families, and the hope that the Yankees do not make any major moves while we're all eating. That would just be rude. We should probably give thanks to the Yankees this year, as they defied the odds and made the playoffs despite injuries and such. Give thanks to Greg Bird, Luis Severino, and other players who make the Yankees' future look bright. Give thanks to Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, Carlos Beltran, and Brian McCann for their bounce back seasons. Give thanks to booze, for helping us deal with Stephen Drew and other unpleasantness this year. We give thanks to those of you who continue to enjoy our site. Thanks to all of you.

Fun Questions

  • Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?
  • Best Thanksgiving side dish?

Song of the Day

The Star Spangled Man by Alan Menken

It's Marvel week on Pinstripe Alley. Something light and silly for today's song. I'm thankful for Alan Menken and the genius of his music! As always, please link us your song of the day.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for the day. Enjoy the sports of the day, or perhaps the MST3K Turkey Day marathon.