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SB Nation 2015 MLB Awards - Best Celebration: John Ryan Murphy on Wild Card berth

The Yankees were heading back to the postseason and John Ryan Murphy summed up everyone's feelings perfectly.

Al Bello/Getty Images

We've been looking back at the best players and plays over the last few days for , giving best hitter to Bryce Harperbest pitcher to Zack Greinke, and Yankeesbest defensive play of the year to Justin Wilson. Today we review which Yankee celebrated the best, and that person was voted by the Pinstripe Alley staff to be John Ryan Murphy when partying after the Yankees clinched a trip to the playoffs. Murphy received ten out of a possible fourteen votes by the staff.

In case you missed this magical moment, Murphy stood in the Yankee clubhouse after the game while being doused in champagne, relaying the message to Meredith Marakovits that everyone was on the same page...and that page was drinking.

Yes, the comments seemed a little less enjoyable after CC Sabathia checked into rehab for alcohol abuse before the team could play the Wild Card game, but it shouldn't entirely overshadow a fantastic sound byte by a really fun player. Murphy is no longer on the team, but he is every bit deserving of this award.

Murphy's postgame celebration was only one of two moments that received votes. The other was something we'll call A-Rod being A-Rod. A fantastically enthusiastic reaction to a ball leaving the yard. Alex Rodriguez is always good for these reaction shots and he did not let us down in this moment.

Other finalists for the award were

3. The CC Shimmy

4. Slade Heathcott's huge go-ahead home run celebration

5. The Yankees celebrating their franchise 10,000th win

Whatever Dellin does here is awesome. A-Rod running around with a bottle of champagne is also fantastic.

Which moment do you think deserved to be recognized for the best Yankee celebration of the year? Vote below!