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SB Nation's MLB Awards - Best Defensive Play: Justin Wilson

What was the Yankees' top defensive play of the year?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The past couple days have seen Bryce Harper take home Pinstripe Alley's MLB Hitter of the Year honors while Zack Greinke won Pitcher of the Year. However, the rest of the week will feature slightly more unusual awards from SB Nation. Today, the honor is "Best Defensive Play," and to expand the pool of nominees, SBN had the sites only choose from their own highlights.

There were some pretty tremendous plays made by the Yankees in 2015, and since the PSA staff could only choose between five, some of them didn't make the cut. Jacoby Ellsbury (here), Dellin Betances (here), and Brett Gardner (here) are three Yankees among many who made catchers that could have qualified, but didn't quite make the cut. Here were our nominees:

1) Didi Gregorius, SS

2) Mark Teixeira, 1B

3) Mason Williams, CF

4) Justin Wilson, P

5) Adam Warren, P


All five Yankees flashed some serious leather on these plays. While the near-Gold Glover Didi garnered some votes, it was reliever Justin Wilson who emerged with the Yankees' top defensive play of 2015. Mason Williams made the most of his brief appearance in the pros, and Teixeira's tremendous moves around the first base bag were no surprise. Warren's might have been the most important big play on defense, as it helped the Yankees in their big Wild Card clinching victory over the Red Sox.

Nonetheless, Wilson's gem was just something else. It was a tense extra-innings contest in Seattle, already way late on East Coast time, and with a well-timed dive on a quickly-falling pop bunt, Wilson was able to turn a stunning double play. It might have saved the game for the Yankees, who shortly thereafter rewarded their young lefty with a three-run rally in the top of the eleventh, giving him the victory. Perhaps it's fitting that Teixeira made an excellent scoop on Wilson's throw from the dirt, as doing so was certainly a Tex specialty. lol jk it was Stephen Drew

Which catch would you select for the Yankees' Top Defensive Play of 2015?