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PSA Comments of the Day 11/16/15: These tunes are Looney

Cashman took the weekend off. Let's see if he gets back to work today.

Masahiro Tanaka or is it Maestro Tanaka?
Masahiro Tanaka or is it Maestro Tanaka?
Elsa/Getty Images

Yesterday was a relatively quiet day. It seems as though Brian Cashman has taken the weekend to regroup and gather his bearings before he, hopefully, makes some noise this week. Perhaps a Zack Greinke signing? Please, Cash? Hopefully the Ninja goes to work this week and gives us reason to be excited.

Until there's some baseball news, it looks as though we'll have to find other ways to kill the time. Whether it's through TV shows, movies, or other sports. Football, hockey, and basketball season are fully under way, so that can definitely occupy some time. Although, if you go football, I'd warn you to start watching the Giants. That's a weekly heartbreak waiting to happen.

Comments of the Day

It's almost as if people can change their minds. Also money definitely helps convince people to shave their beards. Even if they do so reluctantly.

It's not my money, what do I care? 6 years/$200 million to sign it!

GIF of the Day

Kill da wabbit!

Honorable Mod Mention

Tanya wins for ensuring the concerned fans that the Steinbrenners do, in fact, have enough money. No need to worry about them, people!

Fun Questions

  • Who is your favorite character from the Looney Tunes?
  • If you could travel back to any time period for one week, but then you have to return, what would it be? (No changing the course of history, you're just a visitor.)

Song of the Day

Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner

It's Compositions week on Pinstripe Alley. Today's piece is probably one of the more well known compositions out there. It's been used in a wide array of movies such as Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, and The Birth of a Nation. Although, I'm partial to the Bugs Bunny short What's Opera, Doc?

Feel free to use this as your open thread for the day. Definitely feel free to discuss anything and everything except that Giants/Patriots game from yesterday. I can't handle that reliving that heartbreak yet. Also there's a Monday Night Football game tonight that sees the Cincinnati Bengals take on the Houston Texans, but more importantly there's a new episode of Supergirl tonight! Did anyone watch last night's premiere of Into the Badlands?