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PSA Comments of the Day 11/12/15: That's life

"I think everybody is on the same page, and that page is drinking." - John Ryan Murphy, Minnesota Twin

Goodbye hug!
Goodbye hug!
Al Bello/Getty Images

Yesterday was a busy day in Yankee-land. GM Brian Cashman was off in Boca Raton doing Brian Cashman things. The biggest news of the day came when he traded catcher John Ryan Murphy to the Minnesota Twins for outfielder Aaron Hicks. And on a slightly less important note, the GM also traded infielder Jose Pirela to the San Diego Padres in exchange for minor league pitcher, Ron Herrera. The Pirela trade might disappoint some who were hoping that he would stick around the team in a bench role, however, when Pirela was given a chance against MLB pitching he disappointed, and his defense isn't very good to justify keeping him around in a backup role. In exchange for Pirela, the Yankees got a RHP with some promise, let's hope one day he can turn into someone that can help the big league club out.

The Murphy trade, however, garnished more attention for obvious reasons. First off, it's a trade involving actual noteworthy players, and secondly Murphy was very well liked by the fans. He was one of the better backup catchers in baseball as he isn't completely inept at the plate, and his defense is very good. In Hicks, the Yankees acquire a young outfielder who as of right now is slated to fill the fourth outfielder role that Chris Young filled this past season. Hicks was also once touted as a top prospect, so if the Yankees' coaches can work their magic and "fix" him, this trade could end up being one of the better Cashman trades. At worst, he can play all three outfield positions and is an upgrade over Young defensively, and comes at a cheaper rate than him. What this also means is that Gary Sanchez's excellent year has likely impressed the Yankees' brass enough to give him a shot at being the primary backup to Brian McCann in 2016. This should at least get some people excited and make the loss of Murphy more tolerable.

That checks out.

Comments of the Day

Apparently there have been trade talks between the Yankees and the Mariners revolving around Brett Gardner. This would definitely be my preferred return for GGBG.

The Diamondbacks are interested in Andrew Miller. Get it done, Cash!

Yay defense!

Not bad at all

I knew he was cheaper than Chris Young, I didn't realize by how much

Get out of here with your crazy stats and witchcraft!

We'll miss you, John Ryan Murphy! Oil root for you to succeed!

GIF of the Day

I didn't know the chapter ended after the drinking page

Gif status: retired. I'll miss you.

Honorable Mod Mention

Andrew wins because moving is the worst.

Fun Questions

  • What is your preferred living domicile? (House/Apt/Mansion/Igloo/etc.)
  • What's your favorite type of weather?

Song of the Day

That's Life by Frank Sinatra

It's Frank Sinatra week on Pinstripe Alley. It's also the day after the Yankees made some of their first moves of the off-season. Being a fan of any sports team means you shouldn't get too attached to any players because in the end, it's a business and anyone can come and go at any time. That's life.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for the day. Will you miss either one of Pirela or Murphy? Are you at least satisfied with the return?