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PSA Comments of the Day 11/1/15: This could be a Dark Knight for the Mets

After yesterday's brutal 8th inning collapse, the Mets are playing the mustiest must -win of them all. If they don't win tonight behind Matt Harvey, the Royals win the World Series.

I'm kind of upset that Newsday's backpage was "Murphy's Flaw"  and that I didn't think of it first.
I'm kind of upset that Newsday's backpage was "Murphy's Flaw" and that I didn't think of it first.
Mike Stobe/Getty Images

We often talk about must-win games during the baseball season. Some fans even bring them up in April, which is pretty crazy. Tonight's game doesn't get any mustier for the New York Mets. The mustiness of this game pretty much trumps all the musts of previous must-win games. The Kansas City Royals are on the precipice of baseball greatness. If the Mets do not win tonight, that's it. Game over, man. Game over. The musticity of this must-win game cannot be stressed enough.

Tonight's game would not have been so musty if the Mets didn't collapse in the 8th inning. Yesterday's loss was more painful than the Game 1 loss. In Game 1, the Mets essentially did everything right. They had a lead, they went to Jeurys Familia, and Alex Gordon tied the game with a home run. You tip your cap at that. Last night, Terry Collins elected to go with Tyler Clippard, they're "8th inning guy," instead of going with Familia for a six out save. Dellin Betances, Clippard is not. After allowing runners to first and second, Collins finally went to Familia. After a costly Daniel Murphy error and a couple of singles, the Royals would take the lead. Unlike Collins, Yost went to Wade Davis immediately for six outs and the Royals took Game 3.

In a somewhat ironic, poetic, or just downright hilarious scenario, the Mets continued playoff hopes now reside on the shoulders of Matt Harvey. The Dark Knight has been a source of controversy in Queens this year. Poorly worded statements and missing team workouts are so not Batman of him. He may not be the hero they deserve, but he is the one they need right now. Opposing him on the mound will be Edinson Volquez.

Comments of the Day

Perhaps you can make the "never wanted to be a Yankee" argument with Robinson Cano, but David Robertson was not offered anything. They even left on somewhat good terms, as the Yankees never announced their intention to not sign D-Rob so that he would get a good deal elsewhere.

GIF of the Day

How I wish the Gotham show on FOX had a James Gordon that I liked as much as this one.

Honorable Mod Mention

Since I got a COTD, I guess me.

Fun Questions

  • Coolest weapon in Batman's arsenal?
  • Favorite Batman villain?

Song of the Day

Descent Into Mystery by Danny Elfman

It's Batman Week on Pinstripe Alley. Matt Harvey is pitching tonight. Yesterday was Halloween. I figured it was the perfect week for a Batman theme. Every song this week will come from some version of Batman. As always, please link us your song of the day.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for the day. Game 5 will start at 8PM. Before that, there's the NYC Marathon, as well as football. Soak up tonight's baseball game, since it could be the last one you watch for some time.