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Sporcle quiz: Name the entire 2015 New York Yankees roster

The Yankees won a Wild Card spot in 2015 thanks to their second largest team in franchise history: 56 players. Can you name them all?

"I called up who now?"
"I called up who now?"
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The past few seasons of Yankees baseball have produced the three highest roster totals in franchise history, 117 different players in total. The injury-ravaged 2013 squad broke the previous record with 56 players, and 2014's mess broke that record with 58. A new record was not set this year, but despite winning a Wild Card spot, the Yankees used 56 players again in 2015.

I made Sporcle quizzes for those previous teams' rosters, and I continued that tradition this year. I have a dark sense of humor, I guess. Anyway, take the quiz and share your results to see how many different people you remember from this year! If you're feeling especially bold (or masochistic), take the 2013 & 2014 quizzes again too, and leave your mouth agape with the bizarre cast of characters who have worn pinstripes since the Yankees' last playoff win. It's pretty absurd.

What a time to be alive. Good luck!