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Yankees Wild Card predictions t-shirt giveaway

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The kind people at Modell's are selling an exclusive Yankees t-shirt this postseason, and were nice enough to send a few our way to give away to you. You can also purchase the shirt by clicking here. All you have to do to enter is make predictions for the outcomes in tonight's Wild Card game against the Astros below. Winners will have to be willing/able to email me their mailing address after the results are available. Thanks to Modell's for providing us with the prize. Submissions will be taken until first pitch at 8 pm. Here are the questions:

1. How many innings does Tanaka pitch?

2. Which team scores first?

3. Which player gets the first Yankees hit?

4. How many innings does Keuchel pitch?

5. How many runs does Tanaka allow?

6. How many runs do the Yankees score?

7. What is your t-shirt size?

Good luck and Go Yankees!