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Who is going to win the World Series?

The playoffs are (almost) here! Make your pick!

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The regular season is almost over and the playoff field is nearly set. In just a few days, we will have playoff baseball. Playoff baseball is always exciting, but this year has the added bonus of the Yankees being in it. With the excitement about to start, I decided to ask the PSA staff about their picks to win it all.

Q: The regular season is about to end and the playoffs are about to start. So, who is going to win the World Series?


At this point I don't see how anyone but the Blue Jays can win the division. Their offense is insane, they have David Price, and Marcus Stroman is somehow getting splitter type movement on his 2 seam fastball. Unless they run into Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke in the World Series they will be tough to beat.


My best case scenario involves the Yankees winning it, of course, but I'm not sure how realistic that is. If the Yankees don't make it, then I think it might come down to a Blue Jays/Cardinals World Series, but I'd much rather see the Cubs or Pirates in there.


There's hardly an apparent favorite in this year's postseason but I'm picking the team that has led in the standings from wire to wire. Your 2015 World Champions: The St. Louis Cardinals. They've got as complete and balanced of a lineup as anyone, especially after welcoming both Matts--Holliday and Adams--back into the middle of their order. The most versatile team in this year's postseason, St. Louis' defensive flexibility ensures that manager Mike Matheny has plenty of options when filling out his lineup card. Furthermore, the Cardinals lead the National League with a 2.83 team ERA, and will line up Lance Lynn, Michael Wacha, and John Lackey to start in the NLDS. Oh yeah, I've heard some guy named Adam Wainwright will be joining the bullpen in October. And if you don't remember what happened last time the Cardinals used Wainwright out of the pen in the playoffs, I suggest asking someone who does. Here's a hint: he wears #36 for a team we all know and love. Cardinals over Blue Jays in 6. As Mets announcer Gary Cohen didn't get to say nine years ago, "put it in the books."


Dodgers. They have kind of flown under the radar despite the massive payroll, but if Greinke & Kershaw get hot, then look out. They could do some Johnson/Schilling nonsense out there.


The Blue Jays, but probably the Cardinals again because of course.


Now that the Yankees have made the playoffs, the only correct answer is that they will pull themselves together and win the whole damn thing. The offense will spark to life. The starters will dominate. All will crumble at their feet. Yankees win. Theeeeeee Yankees win!


Since it's tough to be objective right now, I'm going to interpret this question as "in the highly unlikely event that the Yankees don't win the World Series, who else might?" And to answer that I'll say this is the year Kershaw finally puts it all together in the playoffs and carries the Dodgers a long way.


It pains me to say this as a Yankees fan, but I've got to say the Blue Jays. But, it is close. With so many dangerous teams, it's going to be an interesting October, but the Toronto front office did an excellent job building a lethal squad across the border, and it's going to take an extremely good team to beat them.

Matt F.

I'm going to stick with my preseason prediction and go with the Yankees. Why's that? Because that's what I came up with, and I have a totally rational view of the playoffs that is in no way biased at all. Go Yankees.

That's what the PSA staff had to say and now we want to hear from you. Who is going to win the World Series?