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PSA Comments of the Day 10/28/15: Good luck topping Game 1 of the World Series, Game 2

Game 2 is going to have to work very hard to top the excitement and suspense of Game 1.

Walk-off, sac fly bat flipping for the win!
Walk-off, sac fly bat flipping for the win!
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Game 1 of the World Series was one of the most exciting starts to a World Series that has nothing to do with our beloved Yankees. The Mets and Royals played an extra inning extravaganza into the early hours of today, culminating with a Royals victory in the 14th inning. From first glance, it seems that the Royals and Mets are equally matched. Timely hitting and defensive misplays from both teams led to runs scored. With Jeurys Familia on the mound in the bottom of the 9th, all seemed to be going well for the Amazins. Then, with one out, Alex Gordon hit a monster game tying home run to dead center in order to send the game into extras, or "free baseball" as some announcers like to call it. That was Familia's first blown save since late July. In the bottom of the 14th, with the bases loaded and no outs, Eric Hosmer drove in the winning run with a sac fly to Curtis Granderson. The Grandy Man made an incredible throw home, but it was still short. Great win for the Royals and tough loss for the Mets.

Tonight, Jacob deGrom will face off against Johnny Cueto in Game 2. Game 2 is going to have to work hard to top the excitement of Game 1. I mean, the Royals' first at bat had an inside-the-park homer for crying out loud. Cueto's playoffs have been a mix of great and shaky while Jacob deGrom has been pretty flawless thus far. It should be an incredible pitching duel, unless baseball decides to baseball and give us a high scoring slug fest.

Comments of the Day

No COTDs makes us all sad.

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Shah's GIF skills have not diminished since his promotion!

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Eh, we'll give it to Shah for his GIFt to LTL.

Fun Questions

  • Better looking stadium: Kauffman Stadium or Citi Field?
  • In terms of food, what would you add to Yankee Stadium?

Song of the Day

Prologue - The Legend of Korra by Jeremy Zuckerman

It's TV Theme Song Week on Pinstripe Alley. Perhaps I'm cheating by using a cartoon theme instead of a regular TV show theme. I don't care. This theme is amazing and I love it and so should all of you! As always, please link us your song of the day.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for the day. Game 2 begins at 8PM tonight, which I'm sure many a player is happy about after last night's game. Also, our condolences and best wishes to Edinson Volquez and his family on the loss of his father yesterday.