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PSA Comments of the Day 10/22/15: Across the Triboro, through Astoria, to the Canyon of the Crescent Moon

That is the location of this year's NLCS winners. The Mets, our baseball cousins from Queens, have swept the Cubs and will move on to the World Series.

It's kinda crescent shaped. Look, just let me have my Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade reference okay?
It's kinda crescent shaped. Look, just let me have my Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade reference okay?
Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Good afternoon, Yankee fans. How is your day going thus far? Perhaps some of you are at work, or in school, and you've noticed a certain glee or happiness coming from your fellow co-workers or students today. You know, the ones that root for another New York baseball team that plays across the Triboro Bridge in Queens. They might be smiling a bit more today, or maybe a tad bit more smug than normal. That is to be expected, as their New York Mets have completed a sweep of the Cubs in the NLCS. The Mets are headed to the World Series for the first time since the year 2000. You know that year pretty well, Yankee fans. Feel free to smugly smile a bit as well.

The Amazins' postseason run has been nothing short of their nickname. The Mets picked a perfect time to play their best baseball of the year. They are locked in on just about every level of their game right now. Their starting pitching has been dominant. Their bullpen has been great. Their offense has been getting the job done in every way. Daniel Murphy, the undisputed NLCS MVP, has been Carlos Beltran'ing his way to a nice contract after this season is finished. They've beaten three guaranteed Cy Young candidates, one of them twice, in order to get where they are now. Whether you hate the Mets or not, their postseason has been impressive.

The reaction from fans will most likely be for the Yankees to try and emulate what the Mets did, in terms of the whole "how to build a team from within" thing. If anything, the Mets run has proven that there is no time like the present to attempt to win. Almost no one thought the Mets would win that division over the Nationals, since they were preparing for the future. The Mets have shown that you can still build for the future while attempting to win in the present. They did, and now they're headed to the World Series. They await either the Blue Jays or the Royals.

Comments of the Day

Nothing to see here.

GIF of the Day

This is yesterday's GIF of the Day because it has to be.

Honorable Mod Mention

Tanya gets the HMM today. Trust me, she deserves it.

Fun Questions

  • Besides the flying cars, what tech from Back to the Future II do you wish existed now?
  • In order, from best to worst, list your top 3 Nickelodeon game shows?

Song of the Day

Princes of the Universe by Queen

It's Queen Week on Pinstripe Alley. I picked this song for two reasons. First of, it's amazing and the first Highlander movie was amazing. Second, the first Highlander movie has the final fight on top of the Silvercup Studios in Queens. A little hat tip to the Mets. As always, please link us your song of the day.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for the day. There is no baseball on today, which is sad. Soon, this whole "no baseball" thing will be the norm until March. Bah.

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