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Who do you want to win the World Series now?

The Yankees' season is over but baseball goes on. Who do you hope wins it all?

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Unfortunately, the Yankees' playoff run came to an end before it really got started. After their loss in the Wild Card Game, the season is over, but baseball is still being played. The Yankees have a lot of bandwagon fans who probably stopped watching baseball after the loss, but most of us here are still gonna watch the rest of the playoffs. With that in mind, I thought I'd ask the PSA staff where their loyalties lie now.

Q: Now that the Yankees have been eliminated, who are you rooting for to win the World Series?


I like to think of myself as a baseball fan first and a Yankees fan second. But above all else, I'm still a New Yorker. #LGM


Once the Yankees are out, I like to root for the teams that haven't won in a long time. I'm ok with the Cubs, Blue Jays, Royals, and even Mets winning. I wouldn't even hate seeing the Dodgers win, because Kershaw. The tricky part will be when some of these teams meet up. What would make a good World Series matchup? Just as long as the Cardinals lose, I'll be fine. It's a big year for consistent losers!


Unless you're specifically anti-Cubs (like Pirates fans, Cardinals fans, people who just hate Chicago, or hate joy and laughter), how can you not root for the Cubbies? They're super talented and filled with young and exciting players like Kyle Schwarber, Addison Russell and Kris Bryant. They also somewhat overachieved this year, which I say only because I think I expected them to take a year or two more to reach the 97 win plateau, so they're a good underdog story. Furthermore, they haven't won in 107 years. 107! Mordecai Brown was their ace, for crying out loud. Finally, as if we needed any other reasons, it's 2015, which is when Back to the Future II predicted they would win the World Series. If the Cubs win this year, I'm pretty sure flying cars will come out next year. Just saying. Also, they have that fun song they play when the Cubs win. Who doesn't like songs? Go Cubs.


I'm rooting for the Dodgers for Don Mattingly. I realize he's not exactly Casey Stengel on the bench, but he's been in baseball a long, long time and hasn't yet gotten the chance to win the World Series.

Plus, if the Dodgers win, maybe the Yankees will decide that spending $300 million really is the way to go.


I've always pulled for the American League team in the series, but I'm especially drawn to the Mets and Cubs this year. The Mets for their pitching and amazing second half (I could go for some playoff Yoenis Cespedes highlights), and the Cubs because of all the exciting young players they have. And I mean, everyone knows the Cubs' story - I think we'd all feel good if they won.

As far as the AL goes, I wouldn't mind seeing the Rangers do well. Their young players are fun, it's nice to see Cole Hamels pitch in meaningful games again, and after the smackdown the Jays laid on the Yankees this year, I wouldn't mind seeing them taken out–although being taken out with injuries is no fun for anyone.

No one likes the Cardinals.


I wanted the Pirates to win, but since they lost their own one-game playoff (thanks, Jakes Arrieta), I will go with the Dodgers. They were my preseason pick to win it all anyway, and there are some terrific players on that team who deserve a shot at a World Series. The franchise hasn't won it in 27 years and I'm a little tired of people labeling Clayton Kershaw as a "choker" like they did with A-Rod. Also, I may have my qualms with Don Mattingly strategically as a manager, but who doesn't want to see Donnie Baseball finally get a World Series ring?


Any team but the Cardinals.


I've got a bunch of close friends who are Mets fans, and I don't want to see them sad, so I've got to go with the Mets. I went to a game at Citi for the last game of the year and it's an awesome atmosphere there, so it'd be nice to see them win a championship. Although I have to admit, it would be awesome to see the young Cubs win a title, as well.


At this point, anyone but the Cardinals. Because of Back to the Future II, it'd be really cool if the Cubs won. Also, since I don't really root against NY teams, I have no issue with the Mets winning it. The Rangers or Astros winning it would make the best baseball stories. Especially the Rangers. Overall though, anyone but the Cardinals is really the only answer anyone but Cardinals fans should give.

Matt F.

There have been some years where we've gotten to the ALCS/NLCS, and there's been no teams left that I would want to see win. But this year, other than the Cardinals, I'm not sure there's anyone else I truly want to lose. That being said, I think I'm leaning Dodgers. There's the Mattingly reasons that others have mentioned, but I just really like a lot of their players. I like Kershaw. I like Greinke. Even though they have a payroll even higher than the Yankees, I find them quite palatable and hope they win.

That's who we're pulling for and now we want to hear from you. Who do you want to win the World Series?