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Yankees Injury Updates: Stephen Drew undergoing concussion tests

Drew is undergoing more concussion tests; Eovaldi has been playing catch all week

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

2015 has not been Stephen Drew's year. He had a terrible start to the season, batting .182/.257/.372 in the first half, and his defense has dropped off a bit. He somehow managed to keep his job as the Yankees' starting second baseman despite all of that, and he has shown improvement since the All-Star break, bringing his triple slash up to .235/.297/.397. It looked like he would finish out the season at second base, but he's now missed about two weeks with concussion symptoms and he might not return before the season is over.

Drew has been a pinch-hitter a handful of times since September 15th, but hasn't started a game since then. At first it seemed like the Yankees might have finally given up on him, since both Dustin Ackley and Rob Refsnyder have been starting at second base in the meantime. However, the Yankees finally announced that Drew had been experiencing dizziness and balance problems. A few days ago, Joe Girardi said that Drew had gone for several tests and that there hadn't been any improvement over the past two weeks. Yesterday the Yankees revealed that Drew traveled to Pittsburgh to be evaluated by the neurologist that treated him when he suffered from a concussion back in 2013.

The team seems to think that Drew is experiencing concussion symptoms either because he had a bad head cold in early September (if it turned into an earache, that could explain his equilibrium issues), or because a ground ball bounced off his glove and hit him in the face back on September 9th. Drew has said that the symptoms he's experiencing have made it difficult for him to concentrate at the plate and on the field, which explains why he's mostly been a defensive substitute when he has gotten playing time over the past few weeks. He's undergoing additional concussion tests, but regardless of what is causing it, it looks like Drew will have to miss at least the Wild Card game, if not the entire postseason. Thankfully, Ackley and Refsnyder have done a fine job at second while Drew has been on the bench.

In more positive news, Nathan Eovaldi has progressed to playing catch this week. He's been on the disabled list for several weeks with elbow inflammation, and there's not enough time left in the regular season to get him stretched out to rejoin the rotation, but Girardi thinks he could pitch out of the bullpen if the Yankees make it far enough in the postseason. Given the recent struggles of the bullpen, it would be nice to have Eovaldi in there as another arm the Yankees can rely on.