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Yankees sign Stephen Drew: "Makes enough sense for a team with money to spend"

Ready or not, Stephen Drew is returning to the Yankees. How did the media react to the somewhat-controversial re-signing?

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Much to the chagrin of some fans, the Yankees reportedly brought infielder Stephen Drew back on a one-year, $5 million contract. I'll admit that even though I don't hate the move to add depth up the middle, I'm not very optimistic on how much Drew will produce in 2015, even with a full spring training this time. Fortunately, the Twittersphere was not as bearish on the signing. Like with the deal that sent Manny Banuelos out of town, it's at least a little encouraging when more neutral sides weigh in and give their support to a move that generated mixed reactions (to be generous).

As one of the featured writers on ESPN's SweetSpot blog and a co-founder at Baseball Prospectus, Kahrl's thoughts should not be easily dismissed. From years editing the BP Annual, she certainly has experience evaluating players based on their previous performances. On a short-term deal, Drew's contract carries minimal risk.

Positive review from a beat reporter. Drew at least has a positive defensive reputation, and it would hard to hit much worse than he did last year.

My rule of thumb is not to put too much stock into projections, but this isn't pretty. Neither is the FanGraphs Steamer projection of .219/.295/.353 with an 82 wRC+. But hey, it's still better than what he did last year, and given the struggles of rookies coming up from Triple-A around the majors recently, it's far from a lock that Robert Refsnyder or Jose Pirela could produce that anyway.

If Sherman's instinct is accurate, I would support this plan. It can't hurt Ref to further improve his defense in Triple-A, and Pirela platooning with Drew when a lefty takes the mound isn't a bad idea at all. (Is Brendan Ryan off this team yet? I hope he hasn't purchased any real estate.)

Scorching take from CBS Sports/FanGraphs writer Chris Cwik! (But seriously, this was a positive gut reaction to the signing immediately after the news hit Twitter.)

Having never seen Refsnyder's defense live, I'll defer to Jed's judgment on his second base ability. I know the scouting reports aren't exactly glowing either, so in the long run, is it really the worst thing for Refsnyder to have a little bit more time to develop his glove?

Heh. Always intriguing to see the difference in the opinion between Yankees and Mets fans.

A return to Drew's 2013 form would be ideal. Even a significant fraction of that could help.

Man, I hope not. That is an ugly-looking shortstop platoon; I'd rather just bank on Didi Gregorius and his potential.

This is the essence of the deal. It's certainly encouraging to see a handful of nice words about the deal, but it's up to Drew to prove his doubters wrong. At 31 years old, he's far from a geezer. Let's see him rebound.