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PSA Comments of the Day 1/5/15: Thinking about our younger years

This weekend was full of playoff football. I think. Most of the games were awful and just made the lack of baseball even more apparent. To counteract this problem, it's classic cheesy techno music week on PSA. Pitchers and catchers report in 45 days.

Can you play 2 Unlimited's Twilight Zone, Bernie?
Can you play 2 Unlimited's Twilight Zone, Bernie?
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday morning, news broke that long time ESPN sports anchor Stuart Scott had passed away. "Screw cancer" just doesn't say enough, as the sports world mourned the loss of one of the best in the business. This man touched an entire generation of young sports fans growing up. You should watch the tributes that ESPN had to him yesterday, if you get the chance.

Comments of the Day

R.I.P. Stuart Scott.

Tanya might be onto something here...but I didn't finish reading everything she posted.

Prof. Mahbles thinks he's so clever with his knowledge of elements. Either way, no one slacks off on my watch!

Hahaha, oh Greg!

The lack of profanity is stunning.

I'm sure this Flag incident will be talked about today.

Apparently the combo of Warren, Burawa, and Germen is way too much for one year of Ben Zobrist well as just Adam Warren by himself. Amazing.

GIF of the Day

Because noonoo deserves it, the GOTD award goes to Toph "Melonlord" Beifong.

Honorable Mod Mention

The HMM award goes to Jim Griffin for his very touching memoir to his father, who raised him as a Yankee fan!

Fun Questions
  • Bigger concern for the Yankees: Rotation depth or health?
  • Name three of your favorite composers
Song of the Day

Heaven by DJ Sammy

As always, please link us your Song of the Day.

It's Classic Cheesy Techno Week here on Pinstripe Alley. If you have any good suggestions for these types of songs, now would be a good time to list them. Booyah!

R.I.P. Stuart Scott.