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PSA Comments of the Day 1/27/15: Elementary

They're expecting two to three feet of snow in NYC today. Perfect ballgame weather. Pitchers and catchers report in 24 days.

The game is afoot
The game is afoot
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

This was the state of my car as per 3:30AM. If what they are saying is true, it probably will not be moving from that spot for the next two to three days. So, anyone up for a game of Cards Against Humanity?

Comments of the Day

It takes a lot of Matts to make a stew.

I'm pretty sure Buffalo is laughing at NYC only getting three feet of snow. I think they refer to that as "Wednesday."

Welp. You heard the man, new writers.

You know some SyFy writer is salivating at the chance to create a Shark-Blizzard hybrid movie.

They could also go with Blizzaragnarok like b-rar suggested. Also, no hitting. Use your words!

Pinstripe Alley, ladies and gentlemen!

The COTD awards section has been graced with b-rar's presence for quite a bit now. It seems that users approve or his or her wit!

Yeaaaaah, saying the new commissioner is a Yankee fan is just not a high endorsement in my view.

That's not quite the souvenir they had in mind...

Whatever baseball does with the youth, they still need to abolish the 14 and younger crap with stadium giveaways.

Coming this fall to NHK: Neck and Neck

GIF of the Day

The GIFs were a no show today. Probably got caught in the blizzard.

Honorable Mod Mention

Today's HMM goes to Waffles, for her excellent stock photo choice in the article welcoming our newest writers to Pinstripe Alley.

Fun Questions
  • What's the most fun way you could think of to travel across snow?
  • Are you super picky about your covers or pillows? As in, is there something you just cannot comfortably sleep without?
Song of the Day

Discombobulate by Hans Zimmer

Discombobulate from Sherlock Holmes is definitely a splendid piece of composition from Hans Zimmer. It only makes sense to add it into the Hans Zimmer week playlist. It's elementary, my dear Pinstripe Alley reader. As always, please link us your Song of the Day.

Feel free to use this as your open thread for the day. How are you coping with the snow, if you're even affected by it at all?

Meat or Potatoes?