85 Wins Over/Under, # of wins the 15 Yankees will produce.

Last year the Yankees were just a few wins shy of the 2nd Wild Card. Assuming 2015 shakes out to be similar to 2014, which I'm sure will not be the case. Do you feel the current 2015 Roster is capable of putting up an 85 win season as is?

Personally, I think they can but it all depends on the health of the pitching staff and how the new hitting coaches can get Texeira, McCann and Beltran to overcome the shift and hopefully pull more balls into the RF bleachers. They flat out can't have another offensive year like 2014 and expect to be in the conversation for October baseball. With as many injuries as they sustained last season, it was a miracle they pitched as well as they did. If the starting rotation of Tanaka, Pineda, Sabathia, Eavoldi and Capuano looks the same in June as is does now I'll be shocked. Hopefully Ivan Nova can return from Tommy John surgery with the same arm as pre-injury and rejoin the starting staff, but Cashman would be wise to bring him along slowly if the previously mentioned 5 starters are still healthy and producing acceptable results.

My guess is, the Yankees don't quite make the playoffs but make an interesting run at the 2nd Wildcard again this year. A third straight Octoberless season will hopefully make The Boss Jr. dig a little deeper in his pocketbook and go after some free swinging, HR crushing Free Agents in the winter of 2015 and perhaps a frontline starter too, but as it sits now, I'm placing my money on the Under 85 Win column.

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