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What gems does John Sterling have in store for us in 2015?

Earning a John Sterling home run call is an annual rite of passage for first time Yankees. What kind of new calls will we hear this year?

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Last year's spending spree meant that Yankees radio announcer John Sterling had to put in extra work to come up with new home run calls for all the new faces. As expected, most of the new calls were truly awful and no doubt inspired fanbase-wide groans even after the first time they were uttered. Here's a look at last year's debuts that we can look forward again this year:

"Chris Young... younger than springtime! Chris... forever young!" - for Chris Young

"Stephen Drew! How do you do!" - for Stephen Drew

"You can bank on Chase. Headley is deadly!" - for Chase Headley

"Jacoby Ellsburies it! A jack by Jacoby!" - for Jacoby Ellsbury

"John Ryan sends one flyin'!" - for John Ryan Murphy

"Oh McCann can, yes McCann can!" - for Brian McCann

"Un correazo by Beltran!" - for Carlos Beltran, (Translation: "A belt by Beltran!")

While this off-season has been much more tame in comparison, the roster will still be filled out with plenty of newcomers. The names of these players will range from bland and boring to unique and goofy. Nonetheless, we can't wait to see how each call will turn out so we can commence loving to hate them. Will Garrett keep up with the Joneses? Is there any doubt that the call for Didi Gregorius will reference his Dutch heritage? Who will get the dubious honor of having the most ridiculous new home run call for 2015? Please vote below and let us know what you think the call might be in the comments.