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Yankees avoid arbitration with Nathan Eovaldi and David Carpenter

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees have already avoided arbitration with Michael Pineda and Ivan Nova and now they have agreed to new one-year deals with two of their newest additions. Starting pitcher Nathan Eovaldi has agreed to a $3.3 million salary while reliever David Carpenter will be paid $1.3 million in 2015. MLB Trade Rumors projected them to earn $3.1 million and $1.1 million, respectively, so it seems the Yankees were feeling a little generous with their money.

This is Eovaldi's first time through arbitration, so after making the league minimum in 2014, it's no wonder the Marlins wanted to move him before he started to get expensive. He'll be arbitration eligible through 2017 and become a free agent in 2018. The Yankees are hoping that Larry Rothschild can unlock the secrets of his arm and find a way to make him more effective than he was last year. He'll be worth the money he makes through arbitration if he develops into an above-average mid-rotation starter.

David Carpenter is also a first-time arbitration player, so it made some sense for the rebuilding Braves to ship him off for several years of control of Manny Banuelos. He's shown himself to be a pretty effective right-handed reliever, especially after his 2013 season, so he'll likely take over Shawn Kelley's role as the seventh inning guy to at least begin the season. It's possible that Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller are the only relievers that are ahead of him on the depth chart.

As much as the Yankees can absorb lucrative contracts and expensive players, the 2015 offseason has been all about saving money and shedding arbitration-eligible players like Francisco Cervelli, David Huff, and Shawn Kelley. They kept Pineda and Nova around because they have proven themselves to be worth the pay raise and they brought Eovaldi and Carpenter in because they see them as cheaper alternatives to the more expensive free agents out there like Jon Lester and David Robertson. Hopefully it all works out.