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Yankees trade Manny Banuelos: "McCann gave strong endorsement to Carpenter"

How did the media react to the Yankees dealing their former top prospect?

BFFs, apparently
BFFs, apparently
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the new year, Yankees fans--Brian Cashman isn't wasting any time in 2015, as on the very first day, he has pulled off quite the surprising deal. Lefty starter Manny Banuelos was once considered the crown jewel of the Yankees' farm system, but since undergoing Tommy John surgery after the 2012 season, he just hasn't been the same. The 2014 campaign was his first fully healthy year since the procedure, and he has never truly mastered his control above A-ball anyway.

In return, the Yankees will get righty reliever David Carpenter and young lefty Chasen Shreve, who believe it or not, is not the newest brand of designer clothing hitting the shelves. Since a lot of us at Pinstripe Alley have been following ManBan for quite awhile, we might suffer from familiarity bias, so sometimes, the best reactions are found throughout the Twittersphere, where other well-regarded names in the media chimed in their thoughts on the trade. How did they react?

The deal does seem to benefit both teams. The Braves get to take a chance on a pitcher who still has the potential to be high-impact, and all it cost them was a couple relievers. Meanwhile, the Yankees, who have had their eyes on ManBan more than anyone else in baseball, still get a decent return before Banuelos potentially flames out for good. It's certainly a gamble for both.

Surviving the minors and Tommy John, man. It's not easy.



At the same time, giving up Banuelos definitely carries some risk. We're certainly hoping he finds his promise in Atlanta.

Well, Carpenter and Shreve are a little better than that, but yeah, a three-reliever return out of the combination of the Killer B's is not exactly what the Yankees hoped for a few years ago. That's why they say prospects will break your heart.

Interesting... very interesting. Few catchers in baseball likely know Carpenter as well as Brian McCann, and Carpenter had an excellent season with McCann behind the dish for the Braves in 2013 (1.78 ERA, 2.83 FIP, 10.1 K/9 in about 66 innings). Criticize McCann's bat all you want, but few deny his prowess as a catcher.

Here's a take from one of the Braves' beat writers, who undoubtedly knows Carpenter and Shreve much better than anyone around here. If O'Brien liked what he saw from them, then that certainly bodes well for the Yankees' bullpen. Furthermore, Short is a national writer for Rotoworld and NBC's Hardball Talk; another neutral take with a positive review of the trade for the Yankees.

Good point by Curry, who is about as close to the Yankees as any writer, so he would know.

The Yankees are rude like that, Josh. Alas.

More on the lefty Shreve. Me likey.

Also valid. There's no way that Shreve wasn't a pledgemaster.