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Yankees lineup vs. Royals - Masahiro Tanaka and David Phelps pitch bullpens

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The Yankees send out a little bit different of a lineup today as they try to make up for their frustrating loss to the Royals yesterday.

Jacoby Ellsbury is leading off with Brett Gardner getting the day off. Derek Jeter is the designated hitter as Martin Prado and Mark Teixeira follow. Carlos Beltran makes an appearance in right field as Chase Headley remains at third and Zelous Wheeler starts in left field, promising a very interesting outfield. Brendan Ryan is actually allowed to play again as he gets his first start since August 24 at shortstop today and John Ryan Murphy gives Brian McCann the day off behind the plate.

David Phelps pitched a 35-pitch bullpen last night and came out looking just fine. The next step will be for him to pitch a simulated game on Sunday before he can return to the major league team. While the plan was originally to move Phelps to the bullpen upon his return and keep Chris Capuano in the rotation, the lefty has pitched to a 5.32 ERA in his last four starts. While Phelps is not necessarily a clear upgrade, maybe it's time to try something new if the Yankees want a real chance at making the playoffs.

Masahiro Tanaka pitched a bullpen of his own today. He felt much better after throwing 34 pitches, feeling none of the fatigue he felt in his arm just last week. He still hopes to pitch again for the Yankees this season and a return to the mound would be both a large boon for their playoff hopes and a good way to gauge their ace's health going into 2015.

Francisco Cervelli is apparently suffering from migraines, however Joe Girardi states that the headaches are not concussion-related in nature. That's a good sign for both the Yankees and their backup catcher, so hopefully he can recover and return relatively soon.

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