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Sporcle quiz: Name the entire 2014 New York Yankees roster

The day of reckoning has arrived. Test your knowledge of this record-breaking team!

"No, that can't be a player I managed this year, can it? I miss Nixy."
"No, that can't be a player I managed this year, can it? I miss Nixy."
Jim Rogash

Last year, I decided to tackle the masochistic task of creating the 2013 Yankees Sporcle Quiz. They had set a record with 56 players used, and the names littered across the roster could only cause pain with each entry.

Reid Brignac. /smack to the face/

Mike Zagurski. /gut-punch/

Travis Hafner. /Humbler-fired baseball to the head/

Most of those names are fortunately gone, but that did not stop the Yankees from defying the odds and breaking the very record they just set last season. This year, the Yankees went through 58 players, which while not quite as ludicrous as the injury-ravaged Rangersmark of 64 was still pretty brutal to handle. There were 26 position players and 32 pitchers to take the field for the 2014 Yankees and join the ranks of Chicken Hawks and Colter Bean in Yankee lore.

If you can name them, you will be both impressive and alarming. Regardless, take the challenge and share your results in the comments afterwards! We made it through a season of these guys; now, let's bond over the obscurity of the Lance Pendletons of the world.