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Responding to the Haters: A Playoff Primer

So the Yankees have missed the playoffs, and you're hearing it from all your non-Yankee friends. A guide to how to respond.

Jim McIsaac

So the Yankees have been eliminated from playoff contention in the final week of the season. As a Yankee fan living in Maryland, I'm hearing it especially from friends who are fans of the Orioles and the Nationals, and I imagine Yankee fans around the country are feeling the same.

As much as I want to respond to the haters like this: Ggbg_medium

I know that a scathing rebuke can be even more enjoyable.

It's sour grapes to begrudge another team its success, especially as Yankee fans. But if sports fans can't hate on each other, then what's really the point?

Keeping these little tips in mind can help you enjoy even a Yankee-free playoff experience. And that's important, because it's a long time until April.


The Orioles may be ahead in the standings, but the Yanks and O's are tied in number of suspended sluggers.


Good thing Miguel Cabrera is signed through 2015--those ten-year deals, they never go wrong.
So, you feel good about handing the ball to Joba Chamberlain in the 8th inning? I guess so long as you don't have to play near Lake Erie that should work out fine...


I'm so happy the Royals are finally making the playoffs. I mean that sincerely, because 30 years is just such a long time.


I think it's great that Mike Trout is going to get to play in a playoff game before the Angels' window for contention closes. With $126M already on the books for 2015 and 2016, do you think the team's going to get any better? Since Vernon Wells is still on the payroll, do you think he'll get a playoff share?


Remember in July when the A's were the best team in baseball? That Billy Beane really knows how to fix a ball club doesn't he?


Punch them in the mouth. There's nothing to discuss.

Red Sox

What's it like to an offense even worse than the Yankees', but to have a pitching staff and defense that's worse too?

All other American League teams

Just trying to let some other teams have a shot. Keep it interesting. Shame [that team] couldn't be part of the fun.


It must be nice knowing that you won't blow another perfectly winnable World Series to the Red Sox, huh? In which round do you think the Cardinal Way will mean giving up this time?


Just win this one for Donnie.


Congratulations on being champions of the weakest division in baseball. You've got a league average left fielder, a franchise icon who can't stay on the field, and Rafael Soriano as your closer. You're basically one lucky Doug Fister trade away from being the White Sox.


Andrew McCutchen is a joy to watch. I'm thrilled Mark Melancon has found a baseball home after being traded from the Yankees, and I'm pissed that Gerrit Cole is a Pirate instead of a Yankee, and how the heck did Russell Martin manage a .400 OBP? Seriously, the Pirates are like the alternative universe Yankees right now.


I suppose any team that makes the dance has a shot, but dang, how far do you think that starting pitching is really going to take you?

All other National League teams

The Giants, Cardinals and Phillies are the only National League teams to win a World Series this decade. How important is your team?