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PSA Comments of the Day 9/26/14: A storybook ending for a storybook career

Last night, Derek Jeter provided the perfect storybook ending for his storybook career. It's okay to still have feels.

Al Bello

Comment of the Game

This actually happened, and it was perfect. Alexanderao wins the COTG award in historic fashion, but in retrospect just about everyone won yesterday. What an incredible night.

Best GIF of the Recap

Waffles wins the BGOTR award for this perfect GIF describe our emotions right now. As she said, "first Mo and Andy, now Jeter." Yeeeeeep.

Honorable Mod Mention

She also wins the HMM award for this honorable PSA tribute to the Captain.

Best Comments of the Day

Everyone blue'd in this screencap wins the COTD award. Hell, everyone wins the COTD award yesterday. What a magical night for the Yankees! What a magical ending for Jeter!

Fun Questions
  • Be honest, did you think that kind of ending to Jeter's career was possible?
  • Better Yankee Stadium send off, Mo or Jeter? (This isn't a fair question, really)
Song of the Day

My Way by Frank Sinatra

There will be much more reflection on what happened last night in the coming days. But for now, please tell us how you're feeling right now with what happened last night. Best ending ever?

Thank You, Jeter