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Derek Jeter's final game at Yankee Stadium: Predictions contest & giveaway

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The night has finally arrived, friends. Weather permitting, Derek Jeter will play his final game at Yankee Stadium tonight at 7:00 pm against the Orioles. Rain may end up ruining a bit of the electric atmosphere of the Capain's last game in The House That Jeter Built if there is a long delay (or worse, not played at all), but we can still have some fun from a distance.

We had a predictions giveaway of some t-shirts by the kind people at Subway Tile Shirts some weeks ago, and Mike was kind enough to offer up two more shirts to our readers for this contest. The winners last time (and me) will be able to attest to the fact that these shirts are probably the softest ones on the planet. It's a very, very cool prize, and the Subway Tile Shirts guys are incredibly generous to offer up some more for this exercise. Here's what the shirts look like:

So how do you win? There will be one winner from the comments here and one winner on Twitter. You can enter in each place if you'd like, but you can only win in one. The entry must be in by 7 pm EDT, regardless of what time the game actually begins. The tiebreaker will be the timestamp of your comment, so get your submission in as early as possible. On to the questions!

1. What will be the outcome of Jeter's first at-bat?

2. How many innings does Jeter play?

3. How many runs will Jeter drive in?

4. What will be the outcome of Jeter's final at-bat?

5. How many total hits for Jeter in the game?

I will tweet out the Twitter questions from our @pinstripealley account shortly before 7 pm, so be ready to reply to that tweet for your chance to enter over there. In the unfortunate event that tonight's game is not played the contest will be moved to Sunday's season finale against the Red Sox.

Good luck!