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Yankees Injury Update: Beltran to wait on surgery, Ellsbury could be a pinch-hitter sometime this week

Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury and Mark Teixeira are injured but want to find a way to play until the Yankees are mathematically eliminated.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Beltran has been suffering with a bone spur in his right elbow for a large part of the season, yet he's been doing everything possible to delay having surgery. He's already had three cortisone shots this season and he's still had to sit out a few games recently because he is still experiencing soreness. For weeks now, they've been saying that Beltran would need to have surgery over the offseason, but maybe he was in denial until recently. He took a few days and decided he does not want to have the surgery before the season ends if there is a chance he could still help the team during the final week of play. That seems unlikely, especially if he's in pain, but in the grand scheme of things it won't impact next season either way.

There is not much to report on Mark Teixeira. He's been experiencing pain in his surgically repaired right wrist throughout the season, and has had two cortisone shots. Like Beltran, Tex doesn't want to sit out the remainder of the season since the Yankees playoff chances are technically still alive. He was planning on meeting with his surgeon after yesterday's game to see about getting a third cortisone shot, but there hasn't been any word on his decision yet. It's troubling to hear that he's had "flare-ups" of pain all season, and the best course of action might be to end his season now. What is the point of having a third cortisone shot when there are only seven games left to play?

You can go ahead and add Jacoby Ellsbury to the list of Yankees who are currently injured, but still want to play. He has a low-grade hamstring strain and just like with everyone else, Joe Girardi said they're going to take the injury day-by-day. There is a small chance that we could see him play again this season, but probably only as a pinch-hitter.

If the Yankees were somehow able to sneak into the playoffs, their chances of advancing don't seem very good with all these players injured, along with Martin Prado who is already out for the season. Given that the odds are so slim, it might be better for all three to just end their seasons early.