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PSA Comments of the Day 9/20/14: A late hot streak

It's highly unlikely that these games will matter much, but hey winning is better than losing. Capuano gets the start this afternoon.

Look at that infectious smile! Awwwwww.
Look at that infectious smile! Awwwwww.
Alex Goodlett

Comment of the Game

Waffles gets the COTG, as I said she would. Nothing like a little sweet nerd cred to earn you points on Pinstripe Alley!

Best GIF of the Recap

Keeping with the Harry Potter theme, I'm giving myself the BGOTR award. Again, nerd cred!

Honorable Mod Mention

Andrew is once again the HMM award winner for this GIF of our captain, Derek Jeter, nodding in our direction. This was taken from the Gatorade ad. He's almost gone, folks.

Best Comments of the Day

Nothing really spectacular in the comments section yesterday. It is highly unlikely that our comments section will yield much today, it being a Saturday and all. Prove me wrong, PSAers.

Fun Questions
  • Who would you like to see play that you haven't yet?
  • Favorite snack for around lunch time?
Song of the Day

Scotty Doesn't Know (Euro Club Remix) by MC Jeffsky ft. Igor

It's threeway call. And he knows nothing. As always link us you song of the day!

Chris Capuano gets the start for the Yankees this afternoon. I think we would all rather see Bryan Mitchell start over him, but here we are. Also, hopefully Derek Jeter can continue his little hot streak here at the end of all things.

go yankees play pirela