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Martin Prado out for the season with emergency appendectomy, 2014 continues to dance on Yankees' graves

I am dead inside.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

So, 2014 has sucked for the Yankees. This is breaking news, I'm sure. We are only two weeks away from the end of this miserable campaign, but 2014 still wants to get some more shots in, apparently:

Of friggin' course.

Martin Prado has been one of the few bright spots in the Yankees' lineup since coming over from Arizona at the trade deadline in the deal for Peter O'Brien. In 37 games, he's been even better than the Yankees could have hoped, hitting .316/.336/.541 with seven homers (two more than he had in 106 games with the Diamondbacks) and a 145 wRC+. He missed a few games with a hamstring injury, but he was still productive with a .433 average and .800 slugging percentage in September.

Now though, he is done for the season thanks to the damn appendix. What a useless organ. The lineup for the final two weeks will just get uglier as the Yankees will just have to play Stephen Drew every day at second base and Ichiro Suzuki every day in right field. Fan-friggin'-tastic. Just another kick to the nards (or appendix I guess) of the 2014 Yankees.

Thanks for your month and a half, Prado. You were better than the 2014 Yankees deserve.