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Yankees Injury Update: Headley could start today, Robertson pitched three days in a row despite feeling soreness

Chase Headley could be able to start today; David Robertson pitched three days in a row despite feeling soreness.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

After being hit by a pitch in the chin in Thursday night's game, Chase Headley somehow walked away almost completely unscathed, aside from needing two stitches. X-rays and neurological tests came back clean, and Joe Girardi said he thought Headley would have been available to pinch hit in last night's game, and could be available to start today.

Francisco Cervelli has not played over the past two weeks, after experiencing a series of cluster migraines. The good news is that they were not concussion-related. However, the team wants to be sure that they aren't being triggered by physical activity, so they're monitoring that. At this point, it almost doesn't matter if he returns, since they have John Ryan Murphy and Austin Romine both up, and the playoffs are a pipe dream.

Even though it isn't an injury, it's worth pointing out that David Robertson not only pitched three days in a row, but was experiencing soreness in his shoulder, side and hamstring on Saturday. He threw 35 pitches Friday, and felt sore warming up before going into Saturday's game. Apparently he told Girardi and Larry Rothschild that he could lock down an inning on Saturday, even though he knew he didn't have great command. When asked how sore he would have had to feel to tell the coaching staff that he couldn't pitch in Saturday's game, he said, "Unable to get the ball to the catcher to not come in there today." The fact that he was put into the game on Sunday, after pitching the previous two days, and after feeling sore is beyond me. He shouldn't have been available in the first place. That's on Girardi.

Carlos Beltran somewhat surprisingly made it into last night's game, after the possibility of shutting him down for the season was discussed earlier in the week. His elbow must be feeling better. Speaking of elbows, Masahiro Tanaka is set to throw a simulated game of about 60 pitches today. How he feels during and after will decide the next steps in his rehab. The goal is still to have him rejoin the team and pitch before the season ends.