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PSA Comments of the Day 9/1/14: The Final Countdown

The Yankees have an off-day today. Perhaps they're using it to plan for the last month of the regular season. We here at Pinstripe Alley would like to make the humble suggestion that winning is the best course of action.

Only one more month of Derek Jeter.
Only one more month of Derek Jeter.
Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Comment of the Game

Yesterday's COTG winner was a hard choice. Rorschach made some classic jokes, as well as started a whole thing about blowtorches (AKA what should be done to this season). However, bluecheese999's comment about the Seinfeld scene with Paul O'Neill compared with Brett Gardner's day was the most recorded comment, and thus wins. Sure this just happens to coincide with both my Twitter handle and my favorite player, but that's definitely not why this won. /accepts $100 bill in secret

Best GIF of the Recap

Elcruzter55 has won the BROTG two days in a row. If there was a game today, he might be able to go for a winning streak.

Honorable Mod Mention

Not even a question which mod was the most honorable yesterday.

Best Comments of the Day

Once again, not too many comments in the majority of the threads. It's the weekend.

Fun Questions

  • What will the Yankees record be at the end of September?
  • Which September call up are you looking forward to the most?
Song of the Day

The Final Countdown by Europe

It's the last month of the regular season. Will things ever be the same? As always, link us your Song of the Day!

There's no game today, as the Yankees await the Red Sox to visit the Bronx tomorrow. Perhaps they will reflect on this season thus far and plan accordingly for 2015. Or perhaps they're playing Scrabble. Either way, this is potentially the last month that we will get to see Derek Jeter play baseball. It's the end of an era. It's the final countdown.

Feel free to use this as your Open Thread for the day.