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Yankees acquire Chaz Roe from the Marlins

Yankees pick up another pitcher before the waiver deadline.

Jennifer Stewart

The Yankees acquired one last pitcher before yesterday's waiver deadline, right-hander Chaz Roe. He spent the season with the Marlins, who will receive cash considerations for the deal.

Since being drafted in 2005, Roe has only broken into the majors once, last season with the Diamondbacks. During that brief stint, he he posted a 4.03 ERA, 3.68 xFIP and 9.67 K/9 through 22.1 IP. He spent all of this season with the Marlin's Triple-A team, where he's had a good season. Through 64 IP, Roe has a 1.16 WHIP, 3.66 ERA, 10.13 K/9, 2.95 BB/9 and 0.70 HR/9.

It's likely that Roe will make it to the majors, though that would require the Yankees to actually remove someone from the 40-man roster to make room for him. The team could stand to lose quite a few pitchers (Matt Daley, Preston Claiborne, I'm looking at you). If Roe can carry over this season's success, then he should be better than, or at least the same as, both Daley and Claiborne. Daley had a 5.02 ERA and 6.82 FIP through 14.1 IP during his time in the majors this season, while Claiborne had a 3.57 ERA, 4.70 xFIP and 1.53 WHIP over 17.2 innings. By the way, both Daley and Claiborne have the added disadvantage of being currently injured, thus wasting their roster spots entirely.

The Yankees recently expressed concern over the idea of promoting Jacob Lindgren and having to remove someone from the 40, so it makes sense that they would just acquire another pitcher instead of letting any of the prospects take the spot that Roe is likely to take. Why give prospects a chance when you can just add random, expendable players to the roster instead, right?