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PSA Comment of the Day 8/9/14: Shootin' at the walls of heartache

It's Paul O'Neill day today. Also, there's a Yankee game on afterwards.

Hopefully they bring out some of O'Neill's "old friends"
Hopefully they bring out some of O'Neill's "old friends"
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Comment of the Game

Protip: When you call a home run correctly in the Game Thread, that's usually a good bet for winning COTG. LTL did this and, well here we are.

As is newcomer :)

Best GIF of the Recap

Today's best GIF of the Thread goes to Bryan-24, because dogs slapping humans is always awesome.

Best Comments of the Day

Even though no one wound up being right, this stream right here just shows why we're the best Yankees blog in the universe!

Fun Questions

  • How many home runs do the Yankees hit today?
  • Favorite Paul O'Neill moment?
Song of the Day

The Warrior by Scandal

Because what else could it be today?

The Yankees go for another series victory this afternoon against the Indians. Brandon McCarthy, our new favorite tweeter, will face off against Corey Kluber.

Go Yankees Go Paul O'Neill