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PSA Comments of the Day 8/7/14: Greene Ranger Power

If Greene could summon the Dragonzord to pitch against the Tigers, that might be pretty effective.

"Awwww's easy being Greene. Now this'll make my hair smell like freshly cut grass, right?"
"Awwww's easy being Greene. Now this'll make my hair smell like freshly cut grass, right?"
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Comment of the Game

Yesterday repeater1990 claimed he was going to defend his COTG title and well, he did. Yes, repeater repeated!

Best GIF of the Recap

NoMahbles wins the Best GIF of the Recap with my all time favorite GIF of all time. Did this GIF win purely for that reason? Perhaps. Will it wn again for this reason? Probably not. Did NoMahbles just earn a cheap, almost bribery win here? Oh yeah!.

Best Comments of the Day

ShaunRunDMC's post, not mine, in the Grant Brisbee article about how the Yankees are zombies that keep contending. If you haven't, I recommend you read it.

Harlan's quick wit got the better of myself and Rorschach in yesterday's COTD Thread.

This stream of imagining if Jeter actually looked at advanced metrics of his defense was priceless, especially if you read NoMahbles' "Nah, Jeets" post in Jeter's voice.

Fun Questions

  • Which Yankee makes the nicest defensive play?
  • Recommend a restaurant for your fellow PSAers?
Song of the Day

Back To School by Fifth Platoon

This is the most positive rap song ever made. Listen to it, then prove me wrong if you dare. Also, if you have your own Song of the Day, tell us/link one if you do!

Well, as we all predicted, Chris Capuano made Justin Verlander look Justin Corrigible. You can feel free to boo me for that. Meanwhile, today we will see Shane Greene face off against Rick Porcello.

Let's go Yankees!