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PSA Comments of the Day 8/6/14: Nothing free about Free Baseball

Now we're getting into it!

Jim McIsaac

Comment of the Game

Since we had both a regular thread and an overflow thread, there are two posts worthy of the COTG. The first goes to long time lurker repeater1990, who has decided to join us once again. He even claimed he was going for the COTG today and he did not disappoint. The second COTG goes to yesterday's winner, long time listener. Again, he's a COTG vet here folks, so you've got to be on your game.

Best GIF of the Recap

MinigunMadness once again claims the Best Recap GIF trophy yesterday, as his was the only one Rec'd.

Top Five Rec'd Comments of the Day

People agree with ShaunRunDMC on the whole Ortiz thing.

ArunK tells us exactly what to root for in the O's/BJ's matchup

John Erving remembers A-Rod. Miss you, Centaur.

Numbers four & five are a combo from ShaunRunDMC & John Erving, which PSAers agree with!

Fun Questions

  • Which Yankee hits a HR today?
  • Best attire that a male can wear?
Song of the Day

Giorgio's Theme by Giorgio Moroder

Do you have your own Song of the Day? Link one if you do!

Chris Capuano against Justin Verlander tonight. Yikes.

Let's go Yankees!