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Anthony Bosch of Biogenesis and Alex Rodriguez's cousin surrender to DEA

Tom Szczerbowski

One year ago today, 13 players, including Alex Rodriguez, were suspended by Major League Baseball for their connections to Biogenesis and performance enhancing drugs. Today, Anthony Bosch has surrendered to the DEA under charges of not only trafficking PEDs throughout baseball, but also for allegedly distributing them to high schoolers. Along with their leader, several others connected to the doping operation have also been taken into custody, including Alex Rodriguez's now-infamous cousin Yuri Sucart.

It appears that as part of MLB's deal with Bosch as a witness during the A-Rod suspension appeal, they will be putting in the good word with the government, though what that might do for him at this point is unknown. This won't change anything, but it's unfortunate to know that A-Rod will miss an entire year of baseball because MLB decided to get down and dirty with a drug dealer. Will Bud Selig and company ever have their images tarnished for working with a criminal? Likely not, but they shouldn't get a free pass. Wherever he is, I hope A-Rod's gotten in a good laugh.