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PSA Comments of the Day 8/5/14: Let's try this whole Open Thread thing again

Another fun attempt at community building

"No really, those jerk stores actually told me NOT to use my cutter..."
"No really, those jerk stores actually told me NOT to use my cutter..."
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Greeting PSAers one and all. We bring you another experiment in the way of fun, community building Open Threads. Instead of the daily predictions of the first half of the season, it's time to revive some PSA classics like the Comment of the Game, or COTG as we call it.

We'll also be introducing some new favorites, like the Best GIF of the Recap, which you can refer to as the BGOTR (pronounced begotter, because why not). There will also be the Top Five Rec'd Comments of the Day, or TFRCOTD ( frak oh ted?), as well as a Fun Question here and there. Let's dive right in.

Comment of the Game

Brilliant pungineering from long time listener, as usual! To all our newest members, LTL is a COTG veteran and the only presents he brings to the table is victory!

Best GIF of the Recap

Get lost in this adorable GIF, posted by MinigunMadness during yesterday's Game Recap.

Top Five Rec'd Comments of the Day

Well... there are none. Most of the top rec'd comments are GIFs, and the majority come from the Recap thread. So for now, we thought we'd use this to introduce the idea of it. It's pretty much exactly like the title suggests. We will comb the board for the most rec'd comments of the day and they will appear here. Keep in mind that the Game Thread and Recap Thread do not count, since we already have the above two slots for that. So comment more, be wittier, and overall have a good time. Most importantly, rec those comments you really like!

Fun Questions

  • Best Yankee Player of the Day?
  • Name two food items that do not go together under any circumstances
Song of the Day

Come and Get Your Love by Redbone

Do you have your own Song of the Day? Link one if you do!

Tonight Hiroki Kuroda gets the start against David Price, formerly of the Tampa Bay Rays. The one question I'd really love to ask him is how it feels to not be playing in the courtesy flush that is Tropicana Field.

Let's Go Yankees