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PSA Comments of the Day 8/25/14: Big Mike vs Big Game James

The Yankees make a quick stop in Kansas City to face the Royals in a make-up game. During this game, the Royals will honor Derek Jeter and Michael Pineda will face James Shields.

Sooooooooooo sleepy
Sooooooooooo sleepy
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Comment of the Game

Yesterday's COTG goes to waw with a classic Pasta Diving Jeter pic. Just think, in a little over a month we may never use this again.

Best GIF of the Recap

Without question, MinigunMadness wins the BGOTR award with his excellent "DEAL WITH IT" rendition of Gardner giving McCann a Gatorade shower.

Honorable Mod Mention

Michael Brown talks about the potential return of Masahiro Tanaka. It is filled with both hope and the worst case scenario. Huzzah.

Best Comments of the Day

Nothing really worthy of a COTD award yesterday. Today shall hopefully yield greater results

Fun Questions

  • What do you think the Royals will give Jeter tonight?
  • The end of summer is near. Yay or Nay?
Song of the Day

Within and Without You by The Beatles

We were talking about the space between ourselves. I think. As always, link us your Song of the Day!

After a three game sweep of the Chicago White Sox, the Yankees are in Kansas City to face the Royals for a make-up game. Michael Pineda will take the mound against James Shield. The Royals have been one of the hottest teams of late. They currently lead the AL Central, which is something one brave, heroic, handsome and modest PSA writer predicted earlier in the year. Either way, if you are unable to get the YES broadcast then I apologize. Rex Hudler's broadcasting skills are a crime against humanity.

Let's Go Yankees!