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PSA Comments of the Day 8/24/14: The Passion of the Chris

The Yankees will attempt to sweep the White Sox this afternoon. To do so, Chris Capuano has to go against Chris Sale. Yes, the really really good pitcher Chris Sale.

Thumbs up, soldier!
Thumbs up, soldier!
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Comment of the Game

Blob wins the COTG, sarcastically describing Kelley's role as a relief pitcher.

Best GIF of the Recap

Our BGOTR winner is waw. However, NoMahbles probably would have won if his first image didn't disappear. Ah well, them's the brakes.

Honorable Mod Mention

Matt F posted this in the Game Thread. I think it speaks for itself.

Best Comments of the Day

Blanky's response to a post criticizing Gardner's Gatorade bath celebrations as "bush" was Rec'd a lot. Therefore, it wins. It is the only COTD winner.

Fun Questions

  • Most important current Yankees that the team needs to re-sign?
  • Favorite accent?
Song of the Day

Gust of Wind by Pharrell Williams

As always, link us your Song of the Day!

Chris Capuano will face off against Chris Sale this afternoon. If the Yankees' Chris wins, then they will sweep this series against the White Sox. If their Chris wins, it probably won't be that big of a surprise. The best strategy would be to make Sale work and get to the White Sox bullpen. Said strategy has plagued the Hawk all year long, so much so that he thinks a strong bullpen is worth more than a strong starting staff.

I did not make that up. Let's Go Yankees