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Chicago White Sox at New York Yankees, Danks vs. Greene

ChiSox at Bombers

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when John Danks was one of the best pitchers in baseball? At 25, he'd pitched back to back 200 innings seasons (having just missed the mark the season before) with a 1.2 WHIP and decent strike out to walk ratio. The lefty was a part of every trade rumor, and the White Sox were thrilled when they signed him to a long term deal.

That was four years ago. Since then, he's lost more than he's won, battled injuries, and lugged around an ERA near 5.

My point is, pitching is fragile, and it's not just the Yankees who have picked the wrong horse.

For the Yankees, Shane Greene makes MLB start #8, trying to prove he's more than just another Chase Whitley/ Aaron Small flash in the pan.

If you haven't been paying attention, the next five weeks are all must win.

Go Yankees. Go baseball.