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Yankees past and present complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and so do I

ALS sucks. Splash and donate to make it go away forever.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past month or so, a sensation has gone viral over the ol' Internet, as thousands of people across the country are pouring ice water on their heads and donating to ALS research through a movement called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. (Click the link for more about where this movement came from and the moving story of former Boston College baseball star Pete Frates, who was diagnosed with this disease.) Donations to ALS research are subsequently way up from where they were in 2013, and every little bit helps to combat this awful disease, so you should join in on the fun and donate to the cause as well!

Numerous people associated with the Yankees have done the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, honoring greats who have lost their lives to ALS, including Hall of Famers Catfish Hunter and, of course, Lou Gehrig. Check out the videos of Yankees who have participated!

Derek Jeter

Mariano Rivera

Andy Pettitte

Jorge Posada

Masahiro Tanaka

Alex Rodriguez

Joe Girardi

Joe Torre

Don Mattingly

Reggie Jackson

CC Sabathia

Willie Randolph

Shawn Kelley

Curtis Granderson

Nick Swisher

Ken Singleton

Michael Kay

John Flaherty

Lindsay Berra (and Yogi's statue)

Jennifer Steinbrenner


I was going to write this post anyway since Shaun suggested it, but by coincidence, my sister took the challenge yesterday and nominated me to do it, too. So here I am:

In addition to that silliness, I donated to the Robert Packard Center for ALS Research, as mentioned in the video. Furthermore, as you can see, I also nominated Greg Kirkland, Justin Bopp, and David Cone to do the challenge, so hopefully more ALS donations will flow in and we'll have even more videos to post soon!

(Also, per Tanya, watch this one if you dare.)