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Houston Astros at New York Yankees, Keuchel vs. McCarthy

Game 125: Astros at Yankees

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I was taught three things growing up:

1) Root for the Yankees;

2) Turning up the volume doesn't always make the music better;

3) Never trust a man named after a city.

The third rule has proved the most important. Austin, Orlando, Phoenix, Dallas. Men like that are to be judged. They are to be scorned. They are to be lit up for a dozen runs in the first three innings.

I can only hope the Yankees' parents instilled in them the same no-nonsense morals that were passed down to me.

Dallas Keuchel vs. Brandon McCarthy.

Go Yankees. Go baseball.

Today's Lineups

Robbie Grossman - LF Brett Gardner - LF
Jose Altuve - 2B Derek Jeter - SS
Chris Carter - DH Jacoby Ellsbury - CF
Dexter Fowler - CF Mark Teixeira - 1B
Marc Krauss - RF Martin Prado - 2B
Jonathan Singleton - 1B Chase Headley - 3B
Carlos Corporan - C Francisco Cervelli - C
Matt Dominguez - 3B Ichiro Suzuki - RF
Marwin Gonzalez - SS Zelous Wheeler - DH
Dallas Keuchel - LHP Brandon McCarthy - RHP