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Houston Astros at New York Yankees, Feldman vs. Pineda

Game 124: Astros at Yankees

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Pineda was perfect for the first part of his return against the big hitting O's. Why bother to temper expectations facing the Astros? This is a team ready to make a playoff run, and they're going to do it on the strength of their pitching. Pineda wears his hat like a lefty, and he brings the heat.

Pineda is a big horse. He will carry them.

Scott Feldman, at 31 and with his fourth team in three years is looking like more and more of known commodity. He's a pitcher who can give you some innings without giving up the long ball, but who won't put a lot of guys away. If they hit 'em where they ain't, it'll be a long night.

Go Yankees. Go baseball.