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New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays, McCarthy vs. Cobb

Yanks at Rays

Mike Stobe

Brandon McCarthy was a tough luck loser last time out, turning in 6.2 innings and only 2 earned runs against Cleveland. His transformation has really been incredible since coming over from the Diamondbacks. It's the sort of story I rarely believe, but if you haven't seen Beyond the Boxscore's article dissecting McCarthy's success, it's really encouraging.

The starting pitching market is deep this year, but it's worth wondering if McCarthy can get a three year deal off his strong second half, and if so, will the Yankees give it to him?

Alex Cobb has really figured things out in the second half, too. After starting the year with an ERA over 4, in his last 5 starts he's increased his strikeouts and cut down on walks to basically double his K/BB ratio and in that span he's allowed only 1 homerun. He's gone from a good pitcher to a great pitcher.

So the Yankees are gonna have to deal with that.

Go Yankees. Go Friday. Go baseball.