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PSA Comments of the Day 8/15/14: Another trip to the Trop

The Yankees are back at the cesspool that is Tropicana Field, because of A-Rod probably. Also, Brandon McCarthy is pitching.

Seriously? They gave Mo a sand monster last year?
Seriously? They gave Mo a sand monster last year?
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Comment of the Game

Nothing to see here. Move along, folks.

Best GIF of the Recap

We'll just pretend that there was a game yesterday and that the Yankees won. This was the GIF of the Recap of make believe.

Honorable Mod Mention

Tanya apparently kicked major ass in yesterday's Sporcle quiz. Waffles definitely gets the HMM.

Best Comments of the Day

I think it's sad when someone has to actually remember Jayson Nix for a quiz. Right? Nix: Nix

Since Waffles won the HMM, I'm just gonna go ahead and give myself one of the best comments for yesterday. Good job, me!

Fun Questions

  • If you could move the Rays anywhere, where would you move them?
  • Name some of your favorite rap songs, if you have any.
Song of the Day

Today Was A Good Day by Ice Cube

Head's still on the pillow, just waking up.
Check my twitter and see it's blowin' up.
Still can't believe the D'Backs wanted Nuno for McCarthy.
Today was a good day!

As always, link us your Song of the Day!

Brandon McCarthy gets the start against Alex Cobb tonight in the stadium of sorrow. The sooner the Yankees get out of there, the better. Let's hope they sweep their way out.

go yankees go you are #1