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Yankees rearrange starting rotation and skip Hiroki Kuroda

RIP April rotation, you were cool.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight's game against the Baltimore Orioles has been postponed on account of rain, so the Yankees are rearranging their rotation accordingly. This week's starting rotation will look like this:

Michael Pineda will pitch on Wednesday, like originally expected, while Brandon McCarthy will kick off the series against the Tampa Bay Rays. Shane Greene, who was supposed to start today, will be moved back until Saturday, and finally, Chris Capuano will pitch on Sunday. The makeup game for tonight is not yet scheduled, so we'll see what happens with that and if it changes anything any further.

The noticeable absence in all this is, of course Hiroki Kuroda, who hasn't necessarily struggled, but does seem to be laboring a bit. Batters have hit .318/.378/.568 off him once he throws between 51 and 75 pitches and he recently claimed that he wasn't operating at 100%, making the decision to skip him look like a good idea. Hopefully, Kuroda just needs a breather, but if he's injured it will be hard for the Yankees to fill in for him over the rest of the season. Either way, this is the end of the Yankees Opening Day starting rotation, though Pineda is on the verge of a return. RIP to the all-ending in A rotation, you were nice while you lasted.