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Media roundup for Yankees' Brandon McCarthy trade and Alfonso Soriano DFA

Hannah Foslien

Vidal Nuno/Brandon McCarthy Trade

The Yankees traded Vidal Nuno for Brandon McCarthy and the internet had plenty to say.

Don't worry, he's not the missing piece, he's just a piece. That's what I find great about this trade; by getting McCarthy for just Vidal Nuno, the Yankees didn't use any of their prospects and still have the pieces to make other moves. He instantly improves the team and that's all that matters.

Probably because Nuno was even worse. He has a 5.42 ERA and 5.15 FIP, which is not a real starting pitcher, while McCarthy at least has a 3.79 FIP.

lol yeah no. Even with a package of Gary Sanchez, Luis Severino, Rob Refsnyder, and whoever else, the Rays could get a better deal elsewhere. If the Yankees didn't have the pieces to land Jeff Samardzija, they don't have the pieces to get Price and that's all there is to it.

This is not a rebuild move, not even close. The Yankees aren't even out of contention, so why would they be rebuilding? Young does not always mean better, and this trade proves as the Yankees acquired a 31-year-old for a 26-year-old.

This is exactly why this trade is so great. Brandon McCarthy might not be having the best year right now, but he's still an improvement and there's still still hope:

I mean, not many people understood the deal from the Diamondbacks' position:

Yankees easily win this trade.

Brian Cashman speaks out about his acquisition:

While McCarthy might give up his fair share of home runs, he's much more of a ground ball pitcher (55.3%) than Nuno has been (37.9%). Sure, the Yankees infield is terrible, but a ground ball single is better than the batting practice Nuno has been dishing out.

Alfonso Soriano DFA

In other Yankees news, Alfonso Soriano was designated for assignment only hours after the trade was announced. While it definitely needed to happen, I can't help but feel bad for Sori because this could really be it for him.

I mean, sure, it did sound like he was unhappy with some things, but if he hit better we wouldn't be here now. He's likely seeing the end and maybe he speaks his mind a little more. I can't be annoyed by him or mad at him anymore, mostly because of this:

Cashman on the other hand, is cold and heartless. HEARTLESS.

Even though everything he says is true.

At the end of the day, no matter how you feel about Brandon McCarthy or Alfonso Soriano or even Vidal Nuno, all that matters is that the Yankees are better.