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Yankees DFA Alfonso Soriano: Was it the right move?

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After a rough 2014 season, the Yankees finally decided to DFA Alfonso Soriano. He was hitting just .221/.244/.367 with a wRC+ of 61, making him worth -1.0 fWAR.

Soriano struggled all season to get anything going at the plate, and his strikeout percentage was up to 29.8. You have to wonder if he could have eventually turned things around, if he was given the chance to play every day. After yesterday's game, Soriano commented that it was very tough for him to get any kind of rhythm going when he was only playing a day here and there. That makes sense, but the team just didn't have the time to see if he could get a hot streak going. Not if they wanted to remain competitive in the AL East. Aside from the fact that there are several players on the team needing to rotate through the DH spot, it was really hard to argue for playing time for Soriano when comparing him to Ichiro Suzuki, both offensively and defensively.

It's sad to see him go, especially when his return last year was one of the bright spots of the latter half of the season. Still, I think the Yankees made the right decision since he wasn't making any positive contributions at this point.

Do you agree with the decision to DFA? Vote in the poll below.