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CC Sabathia could miss the rest of the 2014 season

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

After just two rehab starts, CC Sabathia was recently shutdown with swelling in his knee. It was believed he would be out of action for at least some time as they conducted tests to make sure what exactly was going on. While the MRI didn't show anything specific, CC will be going back to Dr. Andrews so they can figure out what's wrong. It is believed that microfracture surgery is still on the table.

Asked whether all this meant that Sabathia was effectively done for the season, Yankees manager Joe Girardi only said that's "fair to say," which seems to show that even the organization has lost faith that the team's former ace can make it back this season.

While CC hasn't exactly offered much help this year, he could be an upgrade over Vidal Nano and a regressing Chase Whitley. He will be heading to the doctor on July 14 so we, and the Yankee front office have some time to wonder about the 2014 rotation and whether or not CC will even pitch again.